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Our History

The origins of Meade King can be traced as far back as 1790 when sole practitioner, Robert Bigg, set up his law practice in Bristol. Bristol was a growing city then with its population having tripled to 64,000 over the previous 100 years.  It was a thriving industrial, residential and financial centre and there would have been much demand for good lawyers.

Robert Bigg was joined by his son, Lionel in 1814 and went on to enter into partnership with Herbert Henry Meade-King. In 1867, the name of the firm changed to Bigg & Meade-King. Henry Meade-King’s family had practised law in Taunton since the late 18th century.

The firm continued to grow, being joined by other family members and taking over other law firms, becoming known as Meade-King, Cooke Wansey & John Miller in 1910.  This less than catchy name was changed to Meade-King and Co. in June 1912.  This name remained unchanged until the late 1980s, when we became simply Meade King. In 2012 we adopted LLP status.

As a modern law firm, we are proud of our history and long standing reputation in Bristol and the South West.  We strive to maintain the same standards of integrity and client service that have characterised Meade King throughout its existence.

If you would like to speak to one of our lawyers about a business or personal legal issue, please call us now on 0117 926 4121 for a free initial discussion or make a free online enquiry.