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Architect Negligence Claims

You can use an architect for many different reasons but the main reason is to provide you with a professional service that relates to building or construction work you’re having done on your property.

Sometimes, an architect can provide poor, misleading or simply wrong advice. In these circumstances, you may have the opportunity to bring a professional negligence claim against your architect.

Some examples of architect negligence claims are:

  • Preparing unsuitable construction drawings and specifications

  • Taking on complex projects beyond their skill or expertise

  • Failing to provide effective on-site supervision during construction;

  • Approving and certifying works which have been carried out poorly by contractors

  • Approving and certifying works that do not correspond to the schedule of works

These are a few examples, but don’t give a definite list. Call us today for a free initial discussion about your claim on 0117 926 4121 or make a free enquiry on our website. We can help you.

How do I know if I have a claim?

It can be difficult to know if you have a claim against an architect or not. Speaking to a solicitor will help you to be clear about whether you have a professional negligence claim and we can tell you quickly whether we think your claim could be successful.

To briefly explain how you know if you can make an architect negligence claim, you’ll need to show that your architect did not meet the professional standards they are expected to meet when they dealt with you. Your architect owes you and all their clients, a duty of care. If they breach that duty of care, they may be negligent.

But to make a claim, you’ll also have to show that you suffered a financial loss as a result of their negligence. Without a financial loss, there is no claim.

How much will I get in compensation?

If your professional negligence claim is successful, you will get compensation. It is impossible to tell you how much you might get back until we have an in depth look at all the documents and evidence. The law in England and Wales does say that if you’ve suffered from negligence, you should be put back into the position you would be in if you had not suffered from negligence.

Our professional negligence team have dealt with claims worth millions but are can help with smaller value claims too, so call us for a free initial discussion about your claim on 0117 926 4121 or make a free enquiry online.

How long do I have to make a professional negligence claim?

There are time limits in place for bringing any type of claim, including a professional negligence claim. The legal term for these time limits is called a limitation period.

This means you have to make a claim before the limitation period expires. In professional negligence cases, the limitation period is usually six years.

The key thing to remember is that as soon as you think you have an issue, contact a professional negligence solicitor to discuss your possible claim, even if it was more than six years ago. There are some good reasons why these deadlines can be moved and it’s worth checking.

Call us on 0117 926 4121 for a free initial discussion or make a free enquiry online now.

How long will my architect negligence claim take?

It really does depend on how complicated the case is and whether your claim is settled before it goes to court. Have a look at our Guide to Making a Claim which will help you to understand the process in more detail.

We will keep you informed of progress at all times and we’ll support you through the whole claims process.

How much will it cost to make a claim?

There are a number of options to pay for your legal fees and this really depends on the circumstances of your claim. We do offer ‘no win no fee’ funding, also known as a conditional fee agreement or CFA.

We can discuss all options to you.

Why choose us?

Our experienced team of professional negligence solicitors have a wealth of vast experience between them, helping people just like you.

We offer something different from other law firms who deal with professional negligence because we are big enough to attract talented professional negligence solicitors but small enough to give you a personal service where we can support you through the process.

Some of our solicitors have a background working with insurance companies, so they have a real insight into how professional negligence claims are handled.

We won’t use legal jargon, just clear language you can understand. Talk to us today to find out more about how we can help.

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