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Contesting a will and inheritance claims

There are occasions when individuals are disappointed to find that they are not included in the deceased’s will, even though they felt they had a right to be. 

The basic legal position is that an individual can choose to whom they leave their money but there are many exceptions to that rule, particularly regarding dependents. Problems can also arise with if you disagree with a will or the meaning and with the conduct of the executors and administration of the estate.

Our experienced dispute team will advise you of your rights and guide you through the best way of resolving disagreements concerning wills, inheritance and estates. We try hard to preserve family relationships and always look for agreed solutions, only going to court when no other option is available.

Our Tax and Estate Planning team works closely with our disputes team and are able to advise on the best way to move forward and explore the options open to you.

Please call a member of our team on 0117 926 4121 to arrange a free no obligation consultation.