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Negotiating advantage for client

Negotiating advantage for client

Case study

It can really help to have a solicitor at Heads of Terms stage, and there have been many occasions when we have been able to achieve a negotiating advantage, thanks to our involvement from the beginning. This often translates into real, tangible benefits for our clients.

I dealt with a matter recently involving the sale of a business to a private equity investor. We were able to agree in the Heads of Terms that the investor would not charge its usual fees.  This led to our client receiving an additional £100,000 per year on their earn out (which incidentally they gave to their favourite charity). It is likely that our client would not have been in this position had we not been involved at Heads of Terms stage.

James Hawkins is a solicitor specialising in Company & Commercial law and is also our Managing Partner here at Meade King.

He handles a wide range of commercial work for owner-managed business and family-owned businesses.  

The work he does for owner-managed businesses ranges from their formation, working with the businesses whilst they grow and assisting them on acquisitions and/ or disposals of the business in order to realise the owner manager’s investment.  

James takes a highly commercial view on these transactions and works hard to understand his clients objectives and how their business operates.

For his expert advice and guidance, please contact him today and he will be more than happy to help you - 0117 923 4016