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Construction Disputes

If a construction project goes wrong, it's essential to consult a specialist lawyer to guide you through the complexities of construction contracts and to help resolve disputes.

We advise developers, contractors, professional firms and specialist suppliers on all legal issues relating to construction.

We work with clients on a range of construction disputes, including;

  • Payment disputes
  • Construction defects
  • Professional negligence claims against architects or engineers
  • Specialist supplier claims

For disputes, our objective is to help resolve the issue as quickly and economically as possible. We do all that we can to reach an agreed settlement, if necessary with the aid of a mediator. If settlement cannot be agreed, we fight hard for our clients' interests.

We also work closely with our property lawyers to advise on contracts, professional appointments, collateral warranties and bonds and guarantees. We work hard to protect your interests and to respond quickly and effectively.

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