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Professional Negligence Case Studies

Here are some of the professional negligence case studies our team has been involved in, but if your type of claim is not featured here, please don't let that stop you getting in touch.  

We are professional negligence specialists and we'd be happy to discuss your circumstances with you in a free initial discussion.

Remember, all professional have insurance in place to cover these types of claims.  Call now on 0117 926 4121 or make a free enquiry online.

Negligent Conveyancer Failed to Get Mining Search In Property Purchase.
We settled the claim for our client Mr J., who received a substantial sum in compensation, including all of his legal costs.

Receivers Negligent For Under Selling Repossessed Property
Mr R received £150,000 in settlement for his claim before trial, along with all of his legal costs.

Financial Advisor Negligently Lost Client's Pension
We negotiated a settlement before trial for our client who lost more than £1 million following negligence advice from an accountant. He also got back his legal fees.

Negligent Architect's Plan Cost 50% More Than Planned
We successfully negotiated a settlement in a professional negligence claim against an architect. The architect told our client she could build the property within her budget and also offered advice on planning permission. The project cost 50% more than originally planned and was seriously delayed due to planning problems. We also recovered all her legal costs.

Holiday Development Solicitor Negligent
Our professional negligence team represented 20 people who had not been told that they could lose their deposits paid for their holiday homes if the company abroad transferred its obligations, which it did and failed to build the property. We secured £800.000 for their lost deposits and their legal fees.

Accountant Did Not Give Correct Advice To Company
Negligent accountant failed to tell our client the tax advantages of restructuring his business and paid unnecessary tax. We settled the claim and recovered a significant amount for our client, along with his legal fees.